Mona Lisa: A replica of the famous Leonardo da Vinci is on sale for up to 300,000 euros


Hecking's Mona Lisa

photo released, © Christie’s Images Ltd, 2021

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Raymond Hecking obtained a copy of the Mona Lisa in the 1950s from an art dealer in Nice

A replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa is on sale in Paris, with an expected price tag of 300,000 euros ($365,645).

It is said that the painting was painted by a follower of da Vinci in the early seventeenth century, and is widely known as “Mona Lisa Hecking” after its previous owner Raymond Hecking.

Hecking, who died in 1977, has questioned the authenticity of the original masterpiece now in the Louvre.

A replica of the painting will be offered for sale at Christie’s auction house in Paris.


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