Mohamed Salah’s important astronomical event that affects those born in his sign


Today, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the English player of Liverpool, celebrates his birthday, which makes him among those born in the sign of Gemini, which may be affected during the coming period by the important astronomical event, which is the birth of the moon, which in turn greatly affects all astrological signs, as the expert in horoscopes and humanities Julie said. on “The Seventh Day”.

The birth of the moon and the eclipse of the sun in the first house of Gemini:

The horoscope expert said that the birth of the moon in Gemini and the eclipse of the sun will greatly affect the astronomical condition of the birth of the sign, and Mercury also falls in its first house, which made the horoscope expert describe the birth of Gemini during this period as standing in the midst of fire, but the good news is that these confusions and decline In a lot of things, it will end by June 22nd.

It is expected that the birth of Gemini will achieve long-delayed goals, and she also confirmed that some of the problems that the birth of Gemini has fallen into during the past period are nothing but intangible good that will reap its fruits soon, and she added that whenever there are complications in some matters, this means that they They are on the right track.

Astrological advice: you need to arrange your life professionally and emotionally

The horoscope expert stressed the need for Geminis to arrange their lives at the professional and emotional level, and added that there are new decisions and things in the life of Geminis, and these changes will continue over a period of 6 months, and she added that stress and anxiety may hinder some things despite the enjoyment of the owners of the signs. Gemini with reason and wisdom.

She also added that Geminis are preparing to start a new journey in their lives and launch it during the next 6 months, which will completely change the course of their lives for the better.


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