Mohamed Ramadan threatens the Egyptian economy due to the reservation of his money


The contradictory reaction to the financial crisis linked to the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, continues, after he surprised the public by announcing the state’s reservation of his money in a private bank.

It later became clear that the incident was related to the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, who obtained a final judgment in compensation of 6 million pounds (384,000) dollars, and after the heirs intervened with the judiciary, a decision was issued to seize the debtor’s money until the due compensation is paid, according to what was reported by the website ( fuchsia).After that, the echoes differed completely towards what happened after the picture became clear to the public and celebrities, so Ramadan was attacked on his behavior, considering that the words he mentioned mainly affect the Egyptian state and threaten the economy, and therefore he had to control his tongue and be careful in his words, before causing widespread controversy without Clarification.

Singer and composer Amr Mostafa Ramadan attacked him in a stinging manner, and warned him not to involve the name of Egypt in his personal crises, considering that the audience that Ramadan addresses is a conscious audience.

Mustafa also directed his speech to Ramadan, saying: “No, Ramadan, Egypt and its people do not need your money or anyone’s money… With your permission, solve your personal problems without interfering with the name of my country in your crises.”

For his part, the artist Khaled Sarhan mocked the crisis of Muhammad Ramadan, after he wrote a post on his official page on (Facebook) in which he presented an imaginary dialogue between him and the bank employee, in the manner of Muhammad Ramadan, but he narrated the matter in a comic manner.

While the artist, Yasmine Sabry, commented on her official page on Facebook, commenting on the video published by Mohamed Ramadan, saying, “I laughed,” without clarifying her position on the story, and whether it is related to the way Ramadan spoke or the content of the story.

In a previous context, Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against Mohamed Ramadan, accusing him of spreading false news that would threaten the Egyptian economy, and demanded that the rest of his money be kept and prevented from leaving the country.

So far, Ramadan has not come out to explain the whole story, nor has he responded directly to all the reactions that accompanied the crisis that he provoked.

He mentions the reaction of the journalist Amr Adib to the issue of the reservation of Ramadan funds.


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