“Mobility Research” at the UAE University promotes safe transportation systems – Emirates – Education


The Emirates Mobility Research Center at the United Arab Emirates University is working on a number of research projects, in cooperation with various government agencies, that serve the strategic goals of the state, and examine the most important contemporary issues related to safe transportation. Such as the project to develop a zero-vision strategy for traffic safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to reach a zero rate of deaths and serious injuries, by 2040.

By 2040, in cooperation with the Integrated Transport Center in Abu Dhabi, and mathematical modeling of the dynamics of the spread of Covid 19 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the Department of Health, and a project to develop simulation models to estimate the impact of the spread of infection from the virus in Hajj and Umrah, for the purpose of crowd management, in cooperation With Umm Al-Qura University and the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Jasmi, Director of the Emirates Mobility Research Center, said that our mission in this center is to achieve a safe, effective, integrated and environmentally friendly transportation system, by contributing to multidisciplinary research, enabling the use and interaction of technology, and promoting creative ideas. And linking relations between stakeholders and decision-makers, and publishing the latest scientific findings regarding the transport and communications sector.

He added that the center is currently working on a set of projects related to road engineering and infrastructure, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, represented in the project to develop a methodology to support decision-making for smart scheduling for road maintenance, using machine learning and Bizi networks, and the behavior of self-curing concrete in an environmentally friendly environment. Rust-inducing, the behavior of concrete made of recycled aggregates, reinforced with non-metallic basalt fibers, and the development of automatic identification algorithms for images of road cracks, using models of convolutional neural networks.

It is worth noting that the Emirates Mobility Research Center, formerly known as the Roads, Transport and Traffic Safety Research Center (RTTSRC), was established at the UAE University in June 2004, with the aim of enhancing the university’s role in serving the country’s development goals in the areas of It is the first research center established at the UAE University, and it has implemented 22 internally funded projects and more than 40 externally funded projects since its inception.

The center includes five research groups: Safe Mobility, Effective Infrastructure, Connected Autonomous Mobility, Integrated Mobility, and Green Mobility.

The center includes a group of researchers and experts from various fields, such as: computer science, software engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, geography, geographic information systems, remote sensing, statistics and economics.



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