Moatasem Al-Nahar’s wife reveals new details about their relationship – video


(MENAFN – Al Wakeel News) News Agent – Lynn Bringkji, the wife of the Syrian actor Moatasem Al-Nahar, touched on their married life and their love story, stressing that she suffers from people’s ridicule of her and her life, and that at first she was disturbed by people’s kindness to her only because she is Moatasem’s wife, and that is because she is a person and they should love her or I personally hated her.
Lin revealed on the “Show the Story” program with the media, Rabia Al-Zayat, about the details of her acquaintance and her connection with Mutasim, noting that she met him at a young age, when she was twenty years old, and that what drew her was his form at that stage, and the distant state he was living in while in art and theater Literature and culture, which is a different case from the conservative Damascene atmosphere in which she lived, and her family who was working in trade, so she felt that she wanted to discover him and discover his private world, noting that her family opposed their association at first, fearing for her from the problems that might occur between them due to the nature of his work. as an actor.

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Barnjkji confirmed that she had received more than one offer to take an acting experience, but her husband’s jealousy prevented her from doing so, explaining that Mutasim supports her in any field she prefers, because he likes to see her successful, but his objection to the acting field in particular is due to his fear of being occupied with the family, pointing to It has a strong desire to enter the artistic field.
And about jealousy, she indicated that she changes her husband like any woman, but she is not disturbed by the presence of fans around him, because his fans are the real reason for his success, but she was upset only 4 or 5 times because of the actions of some because they crossed the border, commenting, “They were little respected.”

Source – Lebanon 24



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