Mississippi expands museum of blues legend BB King


The museum, dedicated to blues icon BB King, has undergone a major expansion, adding a new renovated space focusing on the last ten years of his life.
In 2008, the BB King Museum opened in his hometown of Indianola, Mississippi, in the renovated brick cotton shop where the musician once worked. He was buried in the museum in 2015 shortly after his death, in what many described at the time as returning home.

The museum’s now expanded exhibits include King’s Rolls-Royce and his tour bus, as well as many other antiques owned by King and other musicians. Tickets to the museum are $15 for adults.

According to the Mississippi Tourism Bureau, the Memorial Garden surrounding his tomb has been redesigned. The museum is also dedicated to the delta blues, one of the first forms of blues music that was dominated by guitar and harmonica.

King, born Riley P. King, was born on a cotton plantation in the Mississippi Delta, one of the poorest regions in the United States, in 1925. He died in Las Vegas after a career that began on local radio and went on to global fame. Later critics recognized the blues singer-songwriter as the most important electric guitarist of the latter half of the twentieth century.


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