“Millions fight” .. Logan Paul and legend Mayweather match ends without an “official winner”


The thrilling boxing fight between retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and YouTube star Morgan Paul ended with no official winner announced, earning tens of millions of dollars each after playing eight three-minute rounds.

And the Spanish newspaper “S”, which followed the meeting, stated that the match was often bored, pointing out that Mayoids was satisfied in the first two rounds of feeling his opponent’s pulse, leaving him unleashed in an attempt to direct punches while he was trying to avoid them despite being subjected to some “illegal strikes”. .

On the tour, Paul was visibly tired after putting almost all his energy into the first four minutes of the fight, while Mayweather still had plenty of energy and yet continued to allow his opponent to chase after him with punches and tackle.

According to “AS”, the seventh and eighth rounds were greatly disappointing, after the fight witnessed some excitement in the previous rounds, and she said that the exhausted “blogger” was seeking to pass time by embracing Floyd and docking with him to pass the time.

With no match officials expected to end the match by a knockout, but with Mayweather’s famous defensive style, and Paul outperforming his opponent in weight and size, it was hard to give the audience what they wanted.

Logan Paul fought only once as a professional boxer, losing and drawing against fellow YouTube star KSE in two matches in 2019.

Mayweather and Paul were scheduled to wear 12-ounce gloves for a match, but both agreed to wear 10-ounce gloves instead.

The two boxers agreed to wear lighter gloves, to increase the chances of hurting each other and ending the fight by knockout.

According to some media sources, it is expected that each of the boxers will have earned about $100 million.


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