Microsoft’s surprise today.. the launch of “Windows 11” with great new features


Windows 11 will have the usual upgrades you expect after 6 years


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United States (technology department) – 24/06/2021 . 09:51

Microsoft announces the new version of Windows 11

  • The new version of “Microsoft” will include new upgrades
  • Windows 11 has widgets to tell you the weather or track a shipped package
  • The Start menu is the biggest change in “Windows 11”, as it has been moved to the middle of the screen instead of the left side

The company is scheduled to announceMicrosoftToday, Thursday, about the next big version of “Windows” that carries new features designed for life in the modern era, after the Corona virus irreversibly changed the way we live and work, and this change may even include our devices as well.

Windows 11 has the usual upgrades you’d expect after 6 years, and early leaks suggest it will have a new look, offering more subtle pastel-like color schemes, rounded corners and good beeps.

Windows 11 will also have widgets to tell you the weather or track a shipped package, as well as the usual Start menu, with app icons arranged in the middle, seemingly inspired by a smartphone, tablet or Mac.

And in the midst of it all, the biggest changes will be invisible. Therefore, Microsoft is expected to renovate Windows computers for a new world, where people don’t just work in the office, and when they are at home they may work on personal devices.

When the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, was excited about the new Windows last month, he touched on the nature of the upgrade, and said: “When the storefronts closed, it helped us re-imagine where humanity can go and what we can do, transcending time and even space. Just the beginning.”

It may seem cliched to think that an operating system can change our lives. But thanks to the vaccines people are getting around the world, they are looking to the future.

Employers are also finding that their workforce does not want to return to office life, and instead wants to work from flexible accommodations.

Microsoft has spent the past few years building technologies like Timeline that allow people to switch to another computer and open all the documents and windows they were using more easily. And in the new world, Microsoft may find opportunities to target these kinds of features to people who have computers for work in the office and at home.

However, there is growing data to suggest this. Despite the lack of chips and other supplies across the technology industry, analysts estimate that laptops and desktops may see their highest sales this year.

With this in mind, Microsoft’s choice to market Windows 11 as a major upgrade may help the industry respond to these trends, with new computer designs highlighting the new look and work-from-anywhere features of Windows 11.

Not only will Microsoft revamp Windows, the company may also provide answers to long-held concerns about how its computers will behave.

It is hoped that Microsoft will fix the Settings app that competes with the Control Panel to change functionality across a Windows PC.

Other Windows users have long hoped that Microsoft would change the way they get and install updates, which has long been a troublesome process.

Updates and security patches should take no more than 20 minutes in 2021, and should be in line with the way you update your Mac, iPad, or even iPhone.

Microsoft is supposed to take the opportunity to address some of the long-known and yet unrecognized complaints.

Either way, the company believes Windows 11 lives up to expectations. Shortly after a copy of the Windows 11 update was leaked online, the company tweeted, “This is just the beginning.”

The most prominent changes in “Windows 11”

The new Windows 11 interface:

While Microsoft introduced a new interface in Windows 10, this interface was a small development on the Windows 8.1 interface, so it was not surprising for all users, but the matter is different with the new version.

With the recent version, Microsoft relied on a new design language, which is similar to Windows 10X that Microsoft eliminated before its launch.

And the Start menu got the biggest changes in “Windows 11”, as it was moved to the middle of the screen instead of the left end.

Also, Microsoft got rid of the cube design that first appeared with Windows 8.1 and made the Start menu closer to an interface that accesses all the contents of the computer.

The design and operation of the new Start interface is similar to what we see with Mac systems and the Finder app.

Also, Microsoft has implemented a number of minor changes to the interface, such as making the edges more circular and improvements to the use of multiple windows as well, according to the website.aitnews“.

New Windows Store:

Windows 11 Store did not get major changes in the interface, but the changes were related to the way it works with developers in particular.

And Microsoft allowed developers to put internal stores in their applications, and this avoids them deducting 15% of their profits for Microsoft.

Also, the store has become open to everyone, and this means that you can download all applications through it, such as different browsers, in addition to any application designed to work with “Windows”.

This means that Microsoft has loosened the reins a bit and let developers put whatever they want into the Store.

Microsoft's surprise today.. the launch of
An image showing the Microsoft logo. Source: pixabay


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