Microsoft promotes video games on Xbox


revealed Microsoft Corporation”Yesterday, Sunday, at the “E3” exhibition for video games, a fan of products that enhance their presentation through the “Xbox” devices, with their reliance on games developed internally, as well as on independent games.

Microsoft has announced 30 games for its device, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in November.

“Our team is striving to make (Xbox) a place with the best games, the most motivated developers, and the community of video players,” said Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox unit at Microsoft, during an online conference on the second day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. most passionate.”

This is the first time Microsoft has formally introduced its products with Betsida, the developer of successful video game franchises such as Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, since the information giant closed its purchase in March.

Microsoft took advantage of the event to announce that the space adventure game Starfield, which Betsida has been working on for years, will be released on November 11, 2022, exclusively on Xbox and PC, and not on competing consoles like Sony. Playstation and Nintendo Switch.


Live updates

Microsoft also presented new images of the game “Hello Infinite”, which it will release by the end of this year, announcing the launch of a new combat game against vampires, developed by the studio “Arkan Austin” in the summer of 2022.

Microsoft said that 27 of the 30 games it presented on Sunday will be available on the Xbox Game Pass, its subscription service.

The 2020 edition of E3 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And the mayor of Los Angeles, the traditional host city for the exhibition, promised last Saturday that the exhibition would be held in attendance in 2022, unlike this year’s edition.


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