Microsoft launches June 11 event in Windows 11


Microsoft launches June 11 event in Windows 11

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while we wait To hear more about the next big update for Windows, Microsoft just teased Next launch event with necklace of different operating sounds. Windows 95, Windows XP and Windows 7 ringtones were all there slowed down And link them together to create an 11-minute “slow pee” experience. It’s a little hard to listen to at times – depending on the compliment you take for the buzzing sounds – but the show in the video is mostly the hills and the sky that Microsoft has used in the past as inspiration for the default background for any operating system in question.

There is no doubt that the YouTube Reel of Activation Sounds is a tribute to the many years we spent with Windows. It’s also a joke for the upcoming Microsoft event On June 24, departure is 11AM ET / 8AM PT.

Oddly enough, Microsoft seems to have chosen playback sounds related to versions of Windows that have undergone a more significant interface overhaul. With rumors spreading that the expected next version of Windows will get a file Valley of the Sun. Renewal, that seems to be what Microsoft means here.

The Valley of the Sun is the code name for the aesthetic changes to windows, although it’s not clear if the launch will take place primarily with the launch of Windows 11. Windows 10 users will also receive some updates, as some are already seeing the changes in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21343.

Microsoft announced last month its plans to ensure the development of Windows 10x, dual screen andGreat OS More Announced fall 2019. according to near the windowsPart of the reason is that Windows 10X doesn’t seem to cater to users, so Microsoft has shifted its focus to developing the visual update in Valley of the Sun.

From what we have seen so far, everything is gaining a new look, From the rounded corners of the main GUI to the little bits that make up the system, like Microsoft Store, The Settings panelوحتى System Codes. The changes will also apply to other aspects of the Microsoft ecosystem, where there is a new default font for Word in making. Nor is it just the visual changes to come. The next Windows update will include new features, such as file support Advanced Audio Codec (AAC)Which rendered some headphones and earbuds useless in Windows 10 for many years.

There is no word on whether Microsoft will release a full version like Windows 11 or if it will call this update. Something simple and elegant, like “the sun Valley update. “Either way, we are Find out later this month if we’ll get a full Windows overhaul Or a design-focused update.


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