Microsoft announces Xbox TV app and xCloud streaming stick


Microsoft has announced the Xbox TV app and the xCloud streaming stick, as part of the software giant’s plans to expand its gaming service on TVs.

Microsoft is starting to launch Xbox Game Pass on TVs via xCloud streaming technology, to support users with new ways to access Xbox games.

The service is scheduled to be available via the Xbox TV app or the dedicated xCloud broadcast stick, but Microsoft has not confirmed a specific date for the launch of the application for users.

Microsoft’s Liz Hamrin confirmed that the company is working with TV manufacturers to bring Game Pass directly to their TVs, to run the service directly with a compatible console.

Hamrin also indicated earlier that the company is developing a dedicated broadcast stick to pair with TVs, and start broadcasting to the Xbox service when connected to the Internet.

Microsoft did not confirm the launch date of the application, or the price at which the broadcast stick for xCloud will be launched, but the software giant made this announcement before the launch of the E3 event, where Microsoft will hold an event on June 13, through which it reviews the new in games.



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