Microsoft announces plan to bring the Xbox experience to screens, streaming devices, and more


The Xbox team plans to offer its services and premium experiences outside of home platforms, through home screens and small broadcast devices bearing the Green Team brand, as an alternative to the traditional home device.

The team revealed these plans through Xbox boss Phil in a special session for the media ahead of E3 2021, and confirmed through these statements a set of improvements and expansions for integrated Xbox services such as Game Pass and All Access (new subscription methods and offers) and others.

The surest sign yet that Microsoft is now thinking beyond traditional devices for gaming.

The main points of the new announcements were the green team’s work with home screen manufacturers to bring Xbox experiences directly into the screen so that the player does not need a console to play and an Internet network.

The company also confirmed its great interest in the manufacture of small broadcast devices that are an alternative to home devices and work through the cloud broadcast service, and speaking of this last service, there is a plan from the company to provide it later on Xbox devices and the Xbox application on computers, and also the company will upgrade the data center equipment for the cloud service through Providing it with Xbox Series X devices so that the player can get better performance during broadcasting (if there is a good enough internet connection), the company is also seeking to activate the ability to use the cloud streaming service via Chrome, Safari and Edge internet browsers for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

The goal of these big plans for the company is to make Microsoft gaming experiences available to all gamers around the world, whatever their gameplay preference, and Spencer understands the difficulty of implementing these plans given their broad scope, but he believes they can make them happen.


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