Menna Shalaby publishes a picture of her colleague Hanan Turk without a hijab and is criticized


The Egyptian actress, Menna Shalaby, was subjected to a wide wave of criticism for publishing a picture of her retired Egyptian actress, Hanan Turk, in which the latter appeared without a veil.

The old photo that Menna Shalaby published on her personal page on Instagram, through which she sent a message to Hanan Turk, saying: “You miss me, oh, and always in the heart, love.” To leave, she responded by saying: “My love, Mongo… your heart, O Lord.”

A large number of followers criticized Shalaby’s choice of publishing a picture without a veil to leave, and one of the comments was, “Ok, don’t you put a picture of her with a veil, why only with her hair?”


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