Menna Shalaby participates in “The Crime” with Ahmed Ezz


Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby is busy filming her upcoming works. She will continue filming the movie “Crime” at the end of this week, after it stopped filming in the month of Ramadan because she was busy filming her scenes in the second part of the series “Why La”.

Menna is co-starring in the movie “The Crime”, Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz, under the direction of Egyptian director Sherif Arafa, who is working to finish filming during the next month.

As for the second part of the series “Why Not”, in which Ahmed Hatem, Amir Shaheen and Sarah Abdel Rahman participate, and it is written by Maryam Naoum and directed by Maryam Abu Auf.

Menna embodies the role of an ophthalmologist, and the team is working on completing it in the coming days. Menna’s participation in the work comes after her admiration for the script.

It is scheduled to present several parts dedicated to each heroine, and the work discusses many issues of interest to women in Egyptian society.

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