Menna Shalaby completes “The Crime” with Ahmed Ezz at the end of this week


The star Menna Shalaby will resume filming her scenes in the movie “The Crime” at the end of this week, as she started filming the movie in Hurghada during the month of Ramadan, then stopped filming, due to her preoccupation with filming her scenes in the second part of the series “Les La.”

The movie “The Crime”, starring Ahmed Ezz and Menna Shalaby, and its events take place in the seventies, and a large number of stars participate in the championship..Led by director Sherif Arafa, who seeks to finish shooting the film during the month of June.

Lamna Shalaby will show the second part of the series “Les La” next Thursday on one of the electronic platforms, in which she embodies the role of an ophthalmologist for the first time in the drama, and the team continues filming on a daily basis to finish it during the coming days, and the second part of the work in which new heroes participate. Among them are the artist Ahmed Hatem, Amir Shaheen, and Sarah Abdel Rahman, and it was written by Maryam Naoum and directed by Maryam Abu Auf.

The first part of the series “Why Not” was presented by the artist Amina Khalil in her first absolute championships, and achieved public success at the time of its presentation, and a large group of stars participated in the championship, led by the artist Hala Sedky, Sherine Reda, Mohsen Mohieldin, Muhammad Sharnoubi and a number of new faces from young people. The work dealt with the issue of the girl’s independence in her life away from her family’s home and her self-reliance.


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