Menna Fadali reveals the details of her participation in the Syrian series “Interview with Mr. Adam”


The artist, Menna Fadali, was a guest on the program “”Its show timePresented by the two media people, Maha Al-Saghir and Dina Howaidaq, broadcast on the . channel CbcDuring which she revealed her participation in the second part of the Syrian series “An Interview with Mr. Adam”, saying: “I finished my role in the series and it was supposed to be broadcast in the month of Ramadan, but due to circumstances beyond our control due to the health condition of the director’s father, we decided to broadcast it outside Ramadan.

And the artist, Menna Fadali, added: “I filmed the series in Damascus, and also Syria is my grandmother’s country, so I may have gone to Syria a lot, and this is not the first time I went to it. Complete.

And Menna Fadali continued: “The work itself is written very sweet, and it may be because here in Egypt, you don’t see much, and people did not follow it because it was not shown on an Egyptian channel, but it discusses the issue of organ trade, which is a stage of revenge for a girl who has a sister from her father, Syria, and she travels to reassure her, but You do not find her and discover that she was killed and someone who killed her was working with her, so I start working with Dr. Adam in the stage of revenge and we will see who the network is behind the organ trade.


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