Meet Wael Kfoury’s new girlfriend.. His close friend revealed her (photo)


In a surprising move, the poet Habib Bou Antoun published a picture on his personal account on “Facebook”, in which the artist Wael Kfoury appears with a beautiful girl..

Bou Antoun, who is a close friend of Wael, commented on the photo, saying: “Oh, moon, shine the astronomy, according to the opinion of astronomers, the kingdom wants a king, and the king is a queen.“.

What inspired everyone that this beautiful young woman is Wael Kfoury’s new lover.

It was previously reported that Wael’s lover is called Shana Abboud, and they have been spotted together on more than one occasion.

In addition, sources confirmed to “Laha” that Kfoury’s relationship with Abboud began more than two years ago, and went through many ups and downs that included a short separation period, before they returned to each other, and their preparations for their soon-to-be engagement..

It is noteworthy that Wael’s latest song “Kolna Munanger” is a great success.


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