Medical insurance and housing allowance for government employees after transfer


An informed source confirmed that a government employee who meets the conditions of transfer after privatization has the right to obtain medical insurance for him and his family in sectors that do not belong to government hospitals.

The source said that government employees will be transferred with annual contracts, such as private sector employees in companies, institutions, bodies and public governmental institutions, who work on the work system, and have annual contracts. They often include allowances for housing and transportation. He explained that the designated entity is bound by a contract for the employee of no less than two years; It preserves the employee’s current salary for two years, after which if he proves his worth, he will continue, and the employee can obtain increases in his salary based on his excellence in work; And the extent of its productivity and performance efficiencies, and pointed out that if the contract lasts for more than three years – as stipulated in the labor system – it turns into an unlimited-term contract, instead of the annual contract


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