Medical experts: Corona vaccines do not negatively affect fertility


Medical experts said, no effect of the vaccine Corona Virus On the menstrual cycle in women it appears short-lived, although the link between the two is not yet clear, and Dr. Kate Clancy, a medical anthropologist and professor at the University of Illinois of America, published a series of tweets explaining that she had a heavier monthly period than usual after about 10 days of menstruation. Received her first dose of Moderna vaccine.

Her tweets attracted hundreds of responses and tweets, so Clancy and her colleague, Dr. Katherine Lee, set out to develop a self-reporting tool to collect the experiences of other women.

Corona vaccine and fertility
Corona vaccine and fertility

According to a report by the American “Newsweek” magazine, the recorded experiences varied widely, and Clancy said that some people, such as those taking hormonal contraceptives, reported “a sudden period or sudden bleeding”, and also called postmenopausal women to report bleeding after received a vaccine Corona.

Clancy added that some women reported similar experiences, with early periods and heavy bleeding, while others said the opposite had happened.

She confirmed that the vaccine can affect menstruation Because the inflammatory processes that drive the cycle can be unintentionally affected by a “giant blow of an immune event in the body.”

Pat O’Brien, vice president of the UK’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told The Guardian: “Many women receive the corona vaccine so it seems likely that these two events coincide in some women by chance, adding that people should see a doctor if… The changes continued, stressing that there is no evidence to suggest that corona vaccines will affect fertility.

In April, Dr. Heather Huddleston, who specializes in reproductive hormones and infertility, made similar comments about the vaccine for ABC7 News “There is no reason to believe that there is cause for concern over time, and there is no reason to believe there is any effect on fertility,” he said.


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