Marwan Mohsen requires a free departure to end his relationship with Al-Ahly in the summer


A source inside Al-Ahly club revealed that Marwan Mohsen, the Red Team striker, rejects the idea of ​​leaving the club after the end of the current season, in light of the demands within the club to loan the player due to the great pressures Marwan is experiencing after the criticism leveled against him due to his low level and failure to exploit the opportunities that he is facing. He got it with the Red Eagles throughout the last period.

The source confirmed that Marwan Mohsen rejects the idea of ​​going out on loan and wants to leave for free after the termination of his contract with Al-Ahly, if the red administration insisted on his departure next summer and not being registered in the list of the new season, so that he leaves for free and chooses the club that wants to join his ranks in the upcoming summer transfers.

There is a tendency within Al-Ahly to sacrifice a number of players registered in the current season’s list, in order to allow an opportunity to bring in new deals, whether loaned players or new deals, and Marwan Mohsen is among the names nominated for Al-Ahly next summer, unless any new variables arise.

Marwan Mohsen did not provide the expected return from him Al Ahly Despite obtaining many opportunities with the red team, he was subjected to many criticisms by the fans in light of the failure to take advantage of the many opportunities he obtained in previous seasons, before losing his position in favor of the duo Sharif and Salah.

Marwan Mohsen played with Al-Ahly this season 8 matches in the league, with a total of 248 minutes of play, and did not score goals and made one goal, while he participated in 5 matches in the African Champions League with a total of 152 minutes, scored a goal and made the same, while he participated in one match in the Egypt Cup with a total of 71 minutes played, he did not score or He made and participated in two matches in the Club World Cup, with a total of 34 minutes played, and he did not score or assist goals.

In total, Marwan Mohsen participated with Al-Ahly in 104 games with a total of 5351 minutes played and succeeded in scoring 23 goals, making 9 goals and receiving 13 warnings, while Marwan Mohsen with the Red Castle was crowned with seven championships: the Premier League four times, the Egypt Cup, the Local Super Cup and the African Champions League, along with a bronze clubs World Cup.


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