Marvik responds to the “sports statement”: The match against Indonesia is important and we will not play in the second row – the athlete – Emirates stadiums


In a question to the “Sports Statement”, about the possibility of giving some key players a break from today’s match against Indonesia, in order to save their efforts during the next important and decisive match against Vietnam, the Dutchman Van Marwijk said: Today’s match is as important as the rest of the matches we played, and the competitor is a team that plays football Good, and he appeared in the previous matches against Thailand and Vietnam, and the team must play the match with the same strength, with the same formation, to continue achieving victories.

Warning to players

Dutchman Van Marwijk warned the players against complacency in the remaining confrontations, stressing the need to continue achieving victories and collecting points for the remaining two matches, today against Indonesia, and on Tuesday against Vietnam, in order for the team to guarantee its qualification to the next stage of the qualifiers.

The Dutch national team coach, Marvik, attaches great importance to the Indonesia match today, as he was keen to confirm that the confrontation is no less important than the previous matches, stressing the need to respect the opponent, and deal with it with the required seriousness, to achieve the desired goal, by obtaining the three points.

Big challenges

Marvik confirmed that Al-Abyad benefited a lot from the last Thailand match, as it is a real experience, in which the team faces great challenges on the field, and he said: The meeting was the biggest challenge we faced during the recent period, because we played against a team that moves correctly, and has a quick reaction, when the opponent scored The goal of narrowing the difference, the game became more difficult, we made a substitution by entering Majid Hassan to control the middle, the players learned from that match and gained experience in dealing with the ups and downs of matches, and I am happy with the degree of professionalism they showed.

He added, “During the past few days, we have corrected some of the negative performances that resulted from the last match, and we sought to improve some things, and we are happy with what has been achieved, and our focus now turns to Indonesia, where we seek to impose our control, achieve victory and reap the three points, which are the most important.”



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