Maram Al Balushi’s health condition developments: She underwent a corona smear


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revealed Hind Al Balooshi On the developments in her sister’s health condition Maram Al Balooshi After she was transferred yesterday to the intensive care unit after suffering a sudden health crisis, the famous artist suffered a stroke in the heart, and her sister revealed the details..

Maram Al Balushi undergoes a Corona examination فحص

AndHind said, Maram Al Balooshi She suffers from pneumonia and several other health crises, and she underwent a smear for the Corona virus, and doctors are waiting for the result before making a decision for a heart catheter“.

Hind Al Balushi hoped that Maram Al Balushi’s health would improve and that she would not need a new catheter, after she suffered a heart attack two years ago, which caused her to undergo surgery to install a heart stent while filming the Cairo Batch series..

Hind Al Balushi pointed out that stress and pressure at work are the reason for her sister’s health crisis, noting that she felt sick as a result of filming a work before she was transferred to the hospital.

Maram Al Balushi case details

The news came as a surprise to Maram Al Balushi fans, as the Kuwaiti artist did not announce her suffering during the past days or her exposure to any health ailment, which raised questions about the cause of the sudden health crisis, to reveal her sister Mai about the details..

Mai Al Balooshi said, Sister of Maram Al Balushi شقيقIn statements to the Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper, her sister fell ill while continuing to portray her character in the drama series (Angel of Mercy), during which Maram Al-Balushi was subjected to severe fatigue and exhaustion, which exposed her to a health problem, after which she was transferred to the Amiri Hospital, according to her sister’s statements..

May Al Balushi added: “After she was transferred to the Amiri Hospital, Maram Al Balushi underwent a number of medical tests, during which it was found that she had a heart clot, as the doctors gave her a fluid injection to balance the enzymes, and accordingly a decision will be made whether a catheterization is necessary or not.“.

Her sister announced that the Kuwaiti artist’s condition is now stable, and that they are only waiting for the doctors to determine whether she will undergo a catheterization or whether it will not be necessary..

Maram Al Balushi suffered a heart attack

What worried the followers of the Kuwaiti star, is the recurrence of the same stroke, so the Kuwaiti artist was previously exposed for a stroke in the heart In 2019, she was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Concern did not control Maram Al Balushi’s fans only from the public, but also a number of celebrities, including Joumana Murad, Wafaa Makki, and the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, who published Maram Al Balushi’s video on her personal page commenting on it with the words: “A video of the artist Maram from inside the intensive care.” For the unit of the heart in the Amiri Hospital, may God heal her and give her health, O Lord, for the sake of Your Noble Book and your beloved Muhammad, upon him be the best prayer and peace, O Lord.“.


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