Maram Al Balushi did not suffer a stroke, and her sister Hind explains the nature of her illness – in the photo


The publication of the Kuwaiti actress raisedHind Al Balooshi, a video clip of her sisterMaram Al BalooshiAs she lies on a hospital bed, her followers are worried and topped search engines’ goals.
It was reported that Maram Al Balushi had a heart attack, but Hind explained, through the story feature on her official page on a social networking site, that this news is not true and that the truth is that her ill health was caused by severe fatigue and exhaustion during the filming of her role in the series “Angel of Mercy”, which caused her to suffer a stroke. She was transferred to the Amiri Hospital, where she underwent a number of medical tests, and it turned out that her enzymes were high, which prompted the doctors to give her a fluid injection to balance the enzymes, and accordingly a decision will be made whether a catheterization is necessary or not. Mai Al Balushi confirmed that her sister’s health condition is stable at the present time.


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