Mandatory “protection” for buildings and facilities in Umm Al Quwain


Saeed Ahmed (Umm Al Quwain)

Maitha Shafi, Director of Umm Al Quwain Municipality in Falaj Al Mualla, confirmed that the “Hemaya” project for smart monitoring systems to fight fires in facilities has entered into force, and facilities and buildings in the emirate will be obligated to implement it during the coming period, stressing that the system aims to protect lives and preserve public property.
She said that the project was launched based on the urgent need to avoid fire hazards, given the loss of life and property, and the department’s endeavor to reach a risk-free community in Umm Al Quwain.
She added that all fire alarm systems in private and public buildings and institutions will be connected to an intelligent monitoring system that monitors the fire panel moment by moment, and the system transmits all events in a protection device associated with the fire system to the control center for rapid response in the event of a fire.
Maitha Shafi indicated that the system can verify the communication in less than 90 seconds, communicate directly with the Civil Defense, provide it with information and coordinates of the location, and immediately verify the validity of the communication within a few seconds, indicating that through this system the response of services becomes More effective, and easier to achieve the vision aimed at making the emirate safer.
She said that the method of registration in the “Hemaya” project is through the website of the Umm Al Quwain government, or through the “Hemaya” system website, pointing out that the cost of installing the early warning device starts from 6,000 dirhams, excluding tax, and includes the supply, installation, testing and operation of the system by the approved company.


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