Majd Zaher: In Praise of Difference


“The idea of ​​the novel did not come from futility, but rather from experiences that have accumulated over years,” asserts Majd Zaher, writer of Borderline Love in Beirut, noting that his debut novel sheds light on the marginalization of individuals in society and the underestimation of their feelings and the repercussions of this on their mental health.The novel, which was recently released in English, is based on reality and mimics the condition of anyone who has fallen in love and suffered from it. Although the two main characters, Adam and Joy, are a figment of the imagination, they bear many features of reality: the two parties meet emotionally, but many obstacles stand between them, some of them stemming from their previous experiences, which affect the relationship and its course.
Through the events of the novel, which takes place in Beirut, the writer wanted to “spread an explicit awareness campaign about the importance of social integration, acceptance and acceptance of others, and helping him love himself.” The writer himself lived some experiences related to rejection and ostracism, which prompted him to write a novel that tells about people who are hurt because of the harsh comments they receive from society. And psychological pressure without finding someone to support me. And in the midst of this weight that I was feeling, I found myself belonging to the world of reading until books became my best friend, but I always heard from those around me about love relationships and the suffering that accompanies them, which sometimes leads to suicide.”
Zaher explains that upon entering the university, he deepened his writing and began to write small stories, but based on what he experienced in his childhood of bullying and loneliness, he decided to write this novel to send through it some hope in people’s hearts, and to emphasize the importance of love and acceptance of others despite their differences, and the need to present Social support for all groups in society.
As he affirmed that the message of love that he conveyed through the novel coincides with the difficult circumstances that Lebanon is going through, he hoped that Lebanon would have a better future and that all Lebanese would enjoy better mental health.


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