Maguy Bogson and Hoda Hussein meet in Dubai


The Lebanese actress, Maguy Bogson, shared a photo through her personal account on “Instagram”, with the Iraqi star Huda Hussein in Dubai, describing Huda as a wonderful heart and soul.

Maguy Bou Ghosn commented on the photo, saying: “The sweetest session with the wonderful Huda Hussein, my dear, I was happy with you from my heart.” The Iraqi Huda Hussein responded to Magi, expressing her happiness to meet her and her husband, the Lebanese producer Jamal Sinan.

Huda said: “My love, I was happy with you, and with the wonderful Professor Jamal Sinan.”

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In the same context, Hoda published her photo with Maggie through her personal account on “Instagram”, and attached it to a comment in which she said: “With the beautiful Maggie, and a pleasant meeting, with Ghosn, my little one.” My heart, little one.

The audience questioned what happened in the session that brought the duo together, especially since the producer Jamal Sinan was present and reinforced the issue of the existence of a work of art that brings together the two stars in the coming period.

Maguy Bogson competed in last Ramadan’s drama in the series “To Death”, with the participation of Daniela Rahma, Bassem Mughniyeh, and the Syrian actors Khaled Al-Qish and Muhammad Al-Ahmad, in conjunction with the actors Fadi Abi Samra, Wissam Sabbagh, Carol Abboud, Vivian Antonios, Ahmed Al-Zein, and others.


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