Look at a Syrian who jumped from the rock of Raouche in Beirut and breathed his last


Beirut – A Syrian young man jumped yesterday, Sunday, from the Raouche rock in Beirut to the sea water below, which is what many young men usually do, but a boat had just started coming out of an opening like the passage in the rock, so some of the attendees screamed warning him not to jump and alerting him to the presence of the boat Below, he did not hear their screams because they were far from him, so he jumped from a height of 36 meters, hit his head on the boat, and died instantly, amidst horror accompanied by sadness and sorrow for those present on him.

Lebanese news websites reported that the jumper, Fahd Ibrahim Jamil, is from the city of “Hajin” in the countryside of “Deir ez-Zor” governorate in eastern Syria, and that one of those present was filming him with his mobile phone, so we see him appear in the video presented by “Al-Arabiya.net” below. , jumping from the rock, but it does not appear clearly until after the expansion of the video display, which was crowded with the communication sites and the media.

In the video, the owners of the tourist boat also appear, one of whom spoke about what happened, and added in what he said, new information that we know from him personally about what happened to the young man, who came to the place where he drowned, and took his body from the water, then transferred him to Rafic Hariri Hospital. governmental. They also transferred a young man to the American University Hospital, who was wounded, and he was among those on the tourist boat.


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