Liverpool encouraged and made history .. Who is Hewitt, the new ruler of the English Premier League?


For the first time in 157 years, a female referee is appointed to the chair of the English Football Association, the oldest civil association for the game in the world.

The English Football Association announced, on Tuesday, that Debbie Hewitt will become the first female president of the FA, starting from January 2022.

Debbie Hewitt, the former CEO of the Royal Automobile Club, was at the forefront of the shortlist of candidates for this position, before taking up the task, becoming the first woman to head the organization that oversees the organization of the most powerful league in the world, in cooperation with the “Premier League”.

It is expected that Debbie Hewitt’s annual salary will reach 190,000 pounds, knowing that she is a big fan LeferballAccording to the British newspaper, The Times.

The union said in a statement that Hewitt was unanimously chosen by an independent panel of seven members.

Hewitt is currently president of the Restauran Group, which owns Wagamama.

The newspaper added that Ms. Hewitt had previously played football, although there were no women’s teams at the time, explaining that she was playing in the men’s teams, and she also held several previous positions, most notably the executive director of the Royal Automobile Club.

After taking office, Hewitt is expected to lead the United Kingdom and Ireland’s bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

The head of the English Football Association, Greg Clark, resigned last November, after appearing controversially and describing black football players as “colored”, as well as belittling Asian players, preferring their work in the field of technology rather than football.

Peter McCormick is currently the temporary president of the union.


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