Little Rosario, the “dreamer” and the “legend” of Barcelona.. Today Messi was born


Lionel Messi celebrates his 34th birthday. During these years, he lived a life full of achievements, brilliance and charm, although his childhood illness almost deprived him of all that.

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    Little Rosario, the “dreamer” and the “legend” of Barcelona.. Today Messi was born

He carried a lot of hope in his heart when he boarded the plane from Rosario to Barcelona. He was living suffering in the alleys of Argentina. He smiles when he hugs his ball, and dances with it during the day. In the evening, he remembers that he has problems growing. Although, it did not stop. He believed in the gift of God and the talent he carried within him, which transformed him from “Little Leo” to Lionel Messi; Best player in the world 6 times. On this day (June 24), Messi was born, who turned 34 years old.

“When I was eight, I had stunted growth, and my parents would give me needles. When I was 12, I learned to do it myself,” Messi says.

He adds, “Every evening I was injected with growth hormone. At first, it was in one leg, before the operation was switched to the other leg. The needle was small. So, I didn’t feel anything. For me, the whole process was routine, and I was I had to, and I did.”

After treatment for years of “deficiency” disease, Messi joined Barcelona’s academy “La Masia” in the year 2000, coming from the Argentine team “Newell’s Old Boys”. The Catalan team decided to take care of the player and treat him from his illness. From that moment on, Messi opened a new page in his football career.

Messi, who came as a youngster to Barcelona, ​​and his small size raised questions about his future, later became the best player in Barcelona’s history. There is no doubt that he is one of the best players in the history of the game. Messi holds a special place in the heart of Barcelona fans. You feel that it is a part of them, and it is one of the vital arteries that stirs feelings of joy and sadness in their hearts. Some may exaggerate and put him in the stature of saints, and others view him as their inspiration. He is the man who takes care of their happiness, and the man who grieves for his grief.

The fans wish him all the best. Trace the details of his life. She loves his children, because they are his only children. And in social media, you flirt with him and them. This relationship is inexplicable, as many relationships in football.

In winning, Messi is everything. And when he loses, he bears everything, but his fans support him in both cases of victory and loss, and justify his mistakes, give him his right, and see him always at the top, as you always see him on the throne of football. Not touched or compared. We may agree with them, we may disagree with them, but we cannot question the value of Messi and what he has done for football.

The history of Messi, born in 1987, is full of achievements both individually and with the Barcelona team, but he did not win a title with the Argentina national team. This matter, at the age of 34, is still being reckoned with, and arouses widespread controversy. Many ask: “What did Messi do with Argentina?”, and others say: “Maradona won the World Cup for Argentina in 1986, where is Messi from this?”

It may be difficult to answer these two questions, but Messi will not be repeated, and he is an exceptional player. If we want to talk about his achievements, numbers and awards, we may need a long list. Below are his most notable achievements.

Notable individual titles:

• The FIFA Golden Ball 4 times.
• The Golden Ball from “France Football” twice.
• The best player in Europe twice.
• The award for the best striker from “UEFA” twice.
• Top scorer in the Spanish League 8 times.
• European Champions League top scorer 6 times.
• Best player in the 2014 World Cup.

Notable collective nicknames:

• The Spanish League 10 times.
• Spanish Super 8 times.
• King of Spain Cup 7 times.
• European Champions League 4 times.
• European Super and Club World Cup 3 times each.

Messi is Barcelona’s all-time top scorer, as well as the Spanish league’s all-time top scorer, and he has made more goals in La Liga


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