Life “runs” on thousands of websites.. “Fastly” is the heroine of the scene


The name of the American company “Fastly” was not known or popular like many international technology companies, but it imposed itself on the global scene, after a failure that affected thousands of websites.

The American company is not well-known but it is strategic in the technology sector, it helps the webmasters to spread their content globally, by hosting similar sites to the original site all over the world.

Today, Tuesday, the company caused a “rare” event, after thousands of websites around the world were down for an hour before the company worked to solve the problem.

Thousands of government and media websites and social networking sites around the world reappeared to work again after being affected by an hour-long outage related to Fastly, a provider of cloud computing services.

Fastly’s services enable you to avoid all requests directed to a particular website being poured into the same place by creating plugs that divert website visitors, after their number exceeds a certain limit, to another server. Thus, this service allows sites to gain speed in performance.

And included the website (, which monitors Internet failures, sites with high rates of visits, including Reddit, Amazon, (CNN), PayPal, Spotify and The New York Times among the broken sites. These sites returned after a pause of between a few minutes and about an hour.

Fastly, one of the world’s most used content distribution companies, confirmed that users will see an increase in downloads as global services gradually return.

“Events like this highlight the fragility of the internet and its reliance on a patchwork of technology. Ironically, this also highlights its power and the speed at which it is remedied,” added Ben Wood, senior analyst at consultancy CCS Insight.

“A malfunction like this made headlines globally showing it was a rare event of its kind,” he said.

The UK Attorney General wrote on Twitter earlier that the main website of the British government was down, and attached to his tweet an email address for inquiries.

And the Financial Times reported that the malfunction may have affected citizens who are registering for a vaccine against Covid-19 or receiving test results.

Fastly’s website showed that most of its coverage areas had experienced a “deterioration in performance” earlier.

Sites run by media organizations including the Financial Times, The Guardian and Bloomberg News have been hit by crashes.

Media organizations have come up with solutions to report the widespread outage after their sites are down.

At the beginning of the outage, nearly 21,000 users of the social networking platform Reddit reported that they had encountered problems, while more than 2,000 users reported problems with Amazon, according to Downdetector.


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