Liam Neeson refused these roles out of loyalty to his late wife..and this is the fact that he converted to Islam


ConsideredLiam NeesonOne of the most important movie stars ever, and one of the most enjoyable actors we had the opportunity to see on the big screen, regardless of his various works, what he possesses of a strong personality with a mighty appearance on the screen, is enough to attract “the attention of all followers to his films, without forgetting his voice.” The magnificent Husky, who increased his shares in the world of fame.

Its beginnings and works

Liam Neeson was born on June 7, 1952, and before turning his interests to film or acting, he was studying physics and computer science in Northern Ireland, and before taking an experience to play professional football in Dublin, and after that committed to a lot of simple jobs before To reach the world of theater and perform for two years in Ireland.
In 1977, he got his first cinematic opportunity, through the movie “Pilgrim’s Progress”, then participated in small and secondary roles that evolved with time to present in 1993 the movie “Schindler’s List”, which was his gateway to the world of stardomOscar ال​.
Liam Neeson appeared in many secondary roles, and even in smaller roles, and in almost every film he appeared, he was an unparalleled addition to the wonderful character that this actor possesses that makes him ideal for the cinema screen. On the other hand, he committed to playing a lot of dramatic roles on The length of his career, but then he turned to action movies and started making these movies that revolve around one hero in large quantities.

Liam Neeson also participated in many great action films at an advanced age, but it was one of the most enjoyable films despite his age, and that is why he was called the old monster.
ومن أهم الافلام التي شارك فيها ليام نيسونPilgrim’s Progress” : “Christiana” : “Nailed”، “Excalibur”، “Merlin and the Sword”، “Krull”، “The Bount”، “Ellis Island”، ” Lamb “، ” The Innocent “، ” The Mission “، “The Delta Force”، “Suspect “، ” A Prayer for the Dying ” ، ” Satisfaction “، ” High Spirits “،” The Good Mother” ، Next of Kin ، “Briar Gates “، ” The Big Man “، ” Under Suspicion” ،” Leap of Faith “، ” Shining Through “، ” Ruby Cairo “، ” Rob Roy “، ” Les Misérables “، ” The Haunting “، ” Gun Shy “، ” Evolution “، “Seraphim Falls “، ” Fallout 3 “، ” The Other Man “، “The Grey“، ” Battleship “، ” The Dark Knight Rises” ، “The Lego Movie” And”Taken 3​”.
He received many awards, including “Schindler’s List”, as “Oscar Schindler”, the Oscar and “Golden Globes​”.

In honor of his late wife, he refused these roles

RefusalLiam NeesonActing in films that contain scenes that require him to ride motorcycles, because of a promise he made to his late wife after the major accident he suffered in the year 2000 and almost cost him his life
He said, according to what was published by the website, “HollywoodThe American: “I read several scenarios in which the character drives a motorcycle, so I ask the producers, does the script require that? If they answer yes, then I refuse the role.”
Liam Neeson explained that the reason he did not ride motorcycles was the promise he made to his late wife, actress.Natasha Richardson​After his accident in New York, where his bike collided with a tree after hitting a deer, near his home in Dutchess County, which led to a fracture in the pelvic area.
His wife died in 2009, as a result of a tragic skiing accident in Canada, which led to her serious head injuries, after which she died.

The truth about his conversion to Islam

while shootingLiam NeesonMovieTaken 2In the city of Istanbul inTurkeyIn 2015, statements transmitted on his tongue spread that he announced his embraceThe Islamic Religion​, Laird in a press interview, saying: “What I said is that I am thinking of choosing Islam as my religion, but I haven’t done so yet, but during my trip to Istanbul, I woke up the first day at dawn, and the fact that it disturbed me a little. The sound of the call to prayer began to comfort me and make me feel comfortable and inner peace, and this is what made me go deeper and read about the Islamic religion, and that it is a beautiful religion and the Arab civilization is wonderful.”


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