Lebanon to the Asian Olympic Qualifiers in the beach volleyball in Thailand


Lebanon is participating in the semi-finals of the Asian Beach Volleyball Qualifiers for the Olympic Games, which begins next month in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 13, the Lebanese delegation will travel to Thailand to participate in the entitlement, which will be held on June 18 and 19. Five countries are competing in the Asian Olympic Qualifiers: Lebanon, the Philippines, Australia, Japan and Kazakhstan.

Lebanon qualified for the semi-finals after it finished second in the West Asian Championship, which it hosted about two years ago.

The Lebanese delegation includes national coach Elie Al Nar to the players: Jean Abi Shedid, Joe Al-Azzi, Paul Abou Akl, Shafik Saliba and Charbel Khoueiri.
The first team consists of Abi Shedid and Al-Qazi, the second team from Abu Aqel and Saliba, and the young reserve player Charbel Khoury.

National coach Elie Al-Nar said that the team’s training has been in full swing for three months, at a rate of six times a week.


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