Lebanon misses a golden opportunity to qualify directly in the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers | sport


Lebanon national football team coach Jamal Taha regretted losing a decisive victory in the match against Turkmenistan in the double qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup, as it was a direct pass to the continental finals and to move forward in the World Cup qualifiers.
The Lebanese national team lost to Turkmenistan 2-3 on Wednesday at Goyang Stadium in South Korea, in Group H of the second round of qualifying, which weakened its hopes of qualifying, but it still remains.
Lebanon’s Rabie Ataya (74), Sonny Saad (76), Turkmenistan’s Zfar Babajanov (59), Guchimirat Anagoliev (86) and Timir Annadurdyev (90+1), and the Lebanese national team completed the match with 10 players after Nur Mansour (86) was expelled.
Taha summarized the dramatic end of the match, considering that the Lebanese team missed a golden opportunity, especially after advancing by 2-1, due to the advantage in the first half despite the roughness adopted by the opponent party, but things remain at their end, as he put it, adding: “Excess enthusiasm led And the unjustified rush to the Turkmen national team scoring the equalizer and then surprising us with a killer goal in the first minute of the calculated time instead of wasted.Our lines were more lively after the two substitutions in the second half (Hussain Munther and Rabih Ataya), but the players lacked discipline and stability and hurried sometimes, even if they held Minutes, the picture was different. Mistakes were made at uncalculated times, and the sudden tie killed the spirit of vitality and we fell into the forbidden, so the Turkmen benefited and rehabilitated after their loss (1-2) in Beirut in 2019.”
Taha pointed out that his players missed several opportunities over the two halves, and were not lucky to invest in them. He continued, “We outperformed them many times in controlling and possession, but the poor positioning led to the squandering of the three points and the fatigue wasted in vain.”
He stressed: “We must always look forward and make the effort to stand up again. We will prepare for the South Korea match (next Sunday) looking forward to an acceptable appearance. It is true that our ranks have become incomplete, but we will use our available cards, and every match always has its circumstances.”
He concluded: “Our players fought until the last second and we apologize that we did not succeed in making the Lebanese happy. We are doomed to always try and continue to participate and compete in pursuit of the best, and that the structural technical conditions are associated with the general conditions. This is the year of sports in general, and football is part of it.”
Source: (the brigade’s website)


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