Lebanon..An uprising in the Bar Association: Do not transcend assets.. Enough with a “transcendent judiciary”


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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The head of the Bar Association, Melhem Khalaf, launched an appeal to lawyers to continue the strike until the relationship between the judiciary and the Bar Association is corrected and the mistakes made against the Bar and the lawyers are reversed. Protection for lawyers and the Bar Association, fortification of pure judges and an impartial and efficient judiciary, for the restoration of decent and complete justice deficits, for the fulfillment of people’s rights, and for the restoration of the state.

During a public meeting held at the invitation of the Beirut Bar Council, 10 days after the strike, Captain Khalaf said, “Enough is enough, enough is enough from a judiciary that fears the strong and exercises power over the weak. Enough with the judiciary of a compliant, obedient, Masir, enough with a judiciary that is satisfied, transcendent and arrogant, enough with a judiciary that is passive, unproductive and not free, enough of a judiciary that dispenses influence and goes to the point of violating laws, enough of undermining the judiciary with favoritism and interests, enough of A judiciary that has forfeited its independence in exchange for sectarian and sectarian centers.” He added, “Do not insult female lawyers and lawyers, do not ignore the demands of the Beirut Bar Association, do not insult the dignity of lawyers, harm their mission, and limit their entry into the palaces of justice, do not transgress the principles, You tried to bring down the wing that lifts you up, so you fell from a height into the pit of rivalry, attraction and division.

“I call on you today, to know that justice is in danger of its very survival,” he said. When justice is slaughtered, when the truth is assassinated, when the concepts of law are distorted, when the paths of truth are destroyed, when it disrupts Judiciary workWhen he refuses to fulfill his rights,When the corridors of the palaces of justice and military courts are transformed into a massacre of the independence of the judiciary, when the police state’s security methods are established, when the language of revenge, fulfilling the right itself, the law of the jungle and the justice of the tribes return, then there is no place for fatal settlements, then our moral responsibility will be sacrificed to dedicate a major and relentless uprising It is against those who are determined to destroy the Temple on our heads, the heads of all of us.”

He concluded by calling on “those concerned to approve the proposal of a law on the independence of the judiciary immediately within a period of no more than 20 days, provided that the subsequent steps are announced in the following days. In the event that this law does not enter into force, no one will blame the lawyers if they close all the palaces of justice on all Lebanese lands.” It is not a suspension of the facility of justice, but a suspension of justice.”

The Parliamentary Administration and Justice Committee had received, in its session today, headed by Representative George Adwan, the proposal for a law on the independence of the judiciary prepared by the subcommittee. He studied this proposal, so that we can as soon as possible submit to the General Assembly of the House of Representatives proposals related to this law and the issue of judicial independence.”

Adwan stopped at the decision issued last week by the Shura Council related to stopping the implementation of a circular by the Banque du Liban, and said, “First, this is a judicial decision that we respect and has justification. Baabda with His Excellency the President and the Governor of the Banque du Liban, in my opinion, the form and content are not in place. In the form, this is a dangerous precedent for us to attend the head of the Shura Council in the administrative judiciary and after he has issued a decision, and we gather it with the one against whom the decision was issued, and they discuss the matter, this strikes all constitutional concepts about the separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary, and this is not correct at all.

As for the content and beyond the form, after this meeting, the conclusion that took place and the Banque du Liban putting an end to a decision taken in the Shura Council without taking legal procedures. So what independence of the judiciary are we talking about? And what country are we talking about? And what image do we want to give to the Lebanese and to non-Lebanese about the practice of judicial work? We can only express our reservations about everything that is happening, and this grieves our hearts as Lebanese. This work is happening. We witness daily, in all living and non-living fields, the disintegration of the state, which is our state and it is our duty to preserve it.”


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