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belbalady.net Everyone needs to connect their laptop to their TVs whether they are smart or not, and this connection opens up a lot of additional uses for you like streaming video from apps on a bigger screen or sharing presentations with more listeners.

The methods you can use to connect laptops to TV screens vary, and this difference depends on your personal preferences and the devices you own, according to aitnews.

Therefore, we mention to you more than one method suitable for all laptops and TVs, whatever their type.

Connect wirelessly to various devices.

Apple users can rely on the AirPlay feature provided by Apple, which is integrated into all of its smart devices and laptops.

This feature works over the wireless Internet, where both devices must be connected to the same network.

The TV must also support this feature, so it must be Apple certified.

However, most large companies support this feature in their smart TV screens.

There is a feature such as Airplay that connects Android and Windows computers with smart screens called Chromecast, and you can purchase a special piece to use with your TV if it does not support it.

You can also use Roku and Amazon Fire devices to turn your TV into a smart screen and connect it with your Windows laptop.

Conventional methods via links:

This is one of the best and oldest methods, but it is the most reliable, as you can get the full quality of what you are viewing on your smart TV.

This method is most appropriate in the case of viewing large-quality content or playing on the TV screen.

This is because it transmits the image at the same quality as your laptop.

And you can rely on the HDMI connections that have become present in all laptops, even if they are economical.

And if your computer is new and has Type C ports that support high-speed data transfer or support ThunderBolt 3 technology, you can connect through them.

There are plenty of connectors that switch between Type C and the HDMi port.

And you can rely on adapters with more than one HDMi port to connect more than one TV together.

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