Learn about the new features in the watchOS 8 update for Apple Watch


The Apple event kicked off with a set of new announcements that include the watchOS 8 update for the Apple Watch, which brings the feature of mindfulness exercises to improve the user’s mental health, among other features.

The WatchOS 8 update adds improvements to existing features in the operating system, as the Breathe app now includes a set of new graphics to support the user in the meditation process, and guide the user to achieve mental health.

Apple had introduced the feature of tracking the state of the user during sleep in the watchOS system over the past year, and the watchOS 8 update is expanding this feature in Apple smart watches, as it can now support measuring the user’s sleep time, heart rate, and the percentage of oxygen in the blood during Sleep, provided that all new data is available in the “Health” application to preview the data at any time.

Apple also offers a major upgrade in the Workout app, as integrated fixes have been added to the app in the watchOS 8 update, which includes categorizing different types of exercise, with more features in the Apple Fitness+ service, where new types of Tai Chi exercises and Tai Chi exercises are available this fall. Pilates, with a new series of exercises delivered by an athletic trainer.

Apple Fitness+ now also allows users to access the “artist spotlight” that supports the user in accessing personalized playlists of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and others.

Apple also offers in the watchOs 8 update, the Portraits feature on the faces of the smart watch, where the Portraits style places the images in a vertical position with the image stabilization in the middle of the screen and then put data such as the time and date, provided that this feature supports customization to some extent by selecting images and information category that are displayed.

The Photos app also comes with a new design in this update, where the user can browse photos with an easier experience now on the small clock screen, and share photos via Mail and Messages applications.

Apple also introduces a new update to the Messages app in the watchOs 8 update to support the user in responding to messages in different ways with a more flexible Scribble mode to use the Digital Crown to move the cursor.



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