Learn about the most prominent signs of damage to the “gasoline pump” and ways to maintain it


The “gasoline pump” is an important part associated with the engine The Car Because it is responsible for pumping gasoline, through the hoses, to the direct fuel injection system, and then transferring it to the engine, and with damage, the car suffers a sudden breakdown on the road. We will learn how to detect damage to the gasoline pump and some tips to maintain it.

Q: What are the most prominent signs that tell you that the fuel pump is damaged?

A: First, when the car engine suddenly stops working, because the fuel does not reach the engine, the reason is the gasoline pump malfunctioning.

A: Indeed, when you notice a weakness in the performance and torque of the engine while driving, the reason is the presence of a malfunction in the gasoline pump, as a result of not pumping gasoline naturally into the engine.

Q: What do we do when it is difficult to start the car engine?

A: First, the gasoline pump must be inspected because it is one of the strong reasons, due to a defect in the thrust force in the gasoline pump.

Q: Is noticing a cut in the engine performance when driving an indicator of the expiration of the life span of the petrol pump?

A: Indeed, yes, although this sign may be similar to other signs of malfunctions, such as damage to the fuel filter or spark plugs, but the gasoline pump is a strong reason for the presence of this cutting while driving.

Q: What do we do when the car engine vibrates?

A: If vibrations are observed in the car engine, especially when the engine is running and the car is stationary, the gasoline pump must be changed urgently to ensure better performance of the motor.

Q: What are the most important tips that must be followed to maintain the petrol pump?

1- Changing the gasoline filter on time, which plays an important role in blocking sediments and impurities in the gasoline, and preventing them from reaching the gasoline pump, which maintains the efficiency of the pump and the engine.

2- The level of gasoline inside the fuel tank should not be low, so that the gasoline pump does not withdraw the impurities and sediments that are found at the bottom of the tank when the level of gasoline is lower than the middle.

3- Choosing the right and good quality of gasoline for the car, as recommended by the car manufacturer, whether 92, 95 or other.


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