Launching the first indicator to monitor mental health in Saudi Arabia


Sharek Health Research Association, in cooperation with the National Center for Mental Health Promotion, launched the first continuous indicator to monitor Psychological health Quarterly in the Kingdom, starting from April of the current year 2021 AD.

The Director of the Center, Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Habib, explained that many developed countries monitor mental health changes in the community on a regular basis, as the monitoring processes contribute to achieving important goals for the health of the community and decision-makers in the short and long term, and these indicators in the short term can contribute to identifying groups Exposed to mental health risks in the community and help the decision maker to target these groups with awareness campaigns and develop services that suit the needs of these groups. In the medium and long term, it can also contribute to measuring the impact of awareness campaigns and the services provided and monitoring changes that arise due to positive or negative events that they are going through. Societies are like the coronavirus pandemic.

For her part, the Executive Director of the Sharek Association for Health Research Noura Al-Thumairy indicated that since the launch of the index, mental health levels have been measured on the new index for the first and second quarters of 2021 AD, and a significant decrease (approximately 5%) was noted in the risk rates of depression in the second quarter compared to the first quarter of the same year, In comparison with the average of the year 2020 AD according to previously published studies, stressing that this decrease is for the first time since the start of the Corona virus pandemic and coincides with the return of life to normal and the rise in immunization rates in society and the announcement of the gradual return to normal life, as the Kingdom is one of the first countries to find results of improvement and decrease in Risk rates for mental health since the start of the pandemic, which confirms the indicator’s ability to monitor changes related to mental health based on events in the time periods between measurements.

The index operates on a quarterly basis through one of the rapid measures that confirmatory studies have been conducted in the Kingdom. It is used globally in monitoring operations in many countries, and in the middle of each year an in-depth measurement is made using several scientific scales used to monitor Psychological healthThe sample size that is measured every quarter is approximately 7000 participants from the (13) administrative regions in the Kingdom, followed by the work of statistical analysis based on the scientific standards associated with the scale, in which all quality standards associated with the development of health monitoring systems were taken into account as in the guide Control Center
American diseases.

He stressed that the continuation of the measurement operations for long periods of time and the accumulation of data for a longer period will be presented to specialists in the field Psychological health The researchers present new and valuable information related to the impact of many variables and events on mental health; Which helps to provide a deeper understanding of the time dimension, such as: (change of climatic seasons, occasions, holidays, etc.) on the mental health of community members, noting that the indicator is in its early stages of development and will be developed to serve the aspirations of researchers and specialists and to keep pace with future developments in The field of mental health measurement and monitoring in the community, which can be monitored by visiting the website of the National Center for Mental Health Promotion.


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