Laila Abdullah reveals the details of her suffering with the filler after it was removed: the result is a fantasy


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The Lebanese singer residing in Kuwait, Laila AbdullahDetails of the operation she recently underwent to get rid of the permanent filler in her lips to get rid of the ridicule she was exposed to because of it.

Laila Abdullah reveals her struggle with the filler

Laila Abdullah published pictures of her on her personal account on the Instagram application and commented on her, explaining that she had resorted to the filler because of the small size of her lips since she was 16 years old.

She revealed that she underwent a filler injection without telling her mother about the operation, considering that the failure of the injection was a punishment for not telling her mother.

And she continued, “Of course, you all know how much I suffered from the permanent filler in my lips, and from the bullying that has happened to me recently. The important thing is to tell you my experience. My lips were small and about 16 years old I went without my mother’s knowledge and settled them. This settles something from behind his mother.”“.

She indicated that at first she wanted to inject the temporary filler, but after she underwent the injections in one of the famous clinics, she discovered that it was permanent and not temporary, and she continued: “I went to a beauty clinic that was tidy, and the problem was that it was overcrowded. She told me that it was fruit acids and 6 months and went away, I settled them and I liked it and it came out“.

On the details of her suffering with the matter, she explained that after two years she began to feel anxious, especially after the filler swelled over time, and when she underwent an x-ray, the doctor told her that the filler was permanent and could only be removed by surgery, but she refused at first.

In addition, she eventually decided to visit more than one clinic in an attempt to dissolve him, but all attempts ended in failure until she resorted to a famous doctor, and he succeeded in removing it..

And she continued: “The result is a fantasy, even though they were slandered for a while, but I loved them and loved Dr. Firas from a lot of tenderness, and he was afraid of the operation and was keen on the form and details. My advice to any intellectual girl and ask about any substance you inject, and you have the right to take the package and the name and be sure, and for the girls who went to the same as my doctor Don’t hesitate, quickly shift it“.

Laila Abdullah complains to the audience about the filler

The famous actress was harmed by the use of cosmetic techniques She appeared in a video on her Snapchat account, in which she complained to the public about the plastic surgery andThe filler she did for the lips This caused her great inconvenience, so that she could no longer bear the appearance of her lips, so she decided to get rid of them and restore the natural appearance that she loved before.

During the video, Laila Abdullah appeared from inside her car and assured the audience that she would go to the doctor to get rid of the lip filler because she feels very tired from her and will not wait any longer, as she said: I finally booked an appointment for my lips. I will be free because I am getting tired.

The filler caused problems for the famous artist, as it caused some infections and health problems, which prompted her to appear in a video from inside the doctor’s office and assured the audience that she would get rid of the filler once and for all after these severe infections that caused her, and she even wished she would get rid of this part of her face. Because of the signs of tan around her lips

And the Lebanese artist residing in Kuwait Laila Abdullah، On Removal extract a substance filler From her lips after causing her pain and inflammation and a complete change in her shape.

Laila Abdullah published a picture of her through the “Al-Astori” feature in the “Snapchat” application, during the process of removing the filler, and commented: “Pray for me … today I did the removal of the filler.”“.

Laila Abdullah confirmed that she was very afraid of the operation, and her heart rate was rapidly accelerating during the procedure to remove the filler, but she eventually succeeded in getting rid of the substance that she described as “harmful“.

The young actress added that some doctors lie to women, and say that the substance is made of fruit acids, and they are all natural materials, completely contrary to reality, praying to God to relieve her pain and wound quickly..
Laila Abdullah also published a picture of the filler that she removed, and it was clear that it was not of good quality, explaining that he had infected her, and its shape had become frightening..


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