Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | ‘No Tolerance’ To Alcohol Advertisements For Addiction Fighters


European anti-addiction associations have expressed their opposition to alcohol advertisements and “sports and health authorities must not tolerate the promotion of…alcohol in an international sporting competition such as Euro 2020”, that is, the European Football Championship currently being held in 11 European countries.

These associations considered that it should be taken into account that the role of football players is to promote “sports and health”.

Alcohol companies have long been a major sponsor of major football tournaments, and the European Cup sponsor Heineken is no exception.

But after Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo removed two bottles of “Coca-Cola” from the table during a press conference, calling on people to drink water instead of soft drinks, French star Paul Pogba followed him by removing a bottle of “Heineken” from the table.

Although the beer that is placed on the press conference table is non-alcoholic, and despite Pogba’s reasons different from Ronaldo because it is from a “Muslim” religious motive, the European Cup, which represents the return of major tournaments after the postponement and cancellation caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus, constitutes “an opportunity.” Ideal for promoting the consumption of alcohol on screens all over the world,” according to what was denounced by European associations, including the European Union of Anti-Addiction Societies and associations from Spain, France, Italy and Portugal…

“Whether the bottle in question is alcohol-free or not, the issue remains the same, because the main thing is that the international brewery is promoting, directly or indirectly, the alcohol brand to the world,” the statement continued.

The statement said their “objective” was to “create a link in the mind of spectators…between the nobility of sport and the consumption of alcohol,” but that it was “clearly unsuitable for performance” and “any alcohol consumption poses a health hazard.”

The statement concluded that “these practices are not appropriate for health and do not respect sports.”


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