Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | French writer wins Spanish Princess of Asturias award


French writer Emmanuel Carrier has won the Spanish Princess of Asturias Literary Award, one of the most prominent literary awards in Spanish-speaking countries.

The jury awarded the prize to the French writer who wrote many novels, including “The Opponent,” “Russian Novel,” and finally “Yoga,” in recognition of his “very personal product that created a new space of expression that blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination.”

The committee, chaired by Santiago Muñoz Machado, director of the Royal Spanish Academy, said Emmanuel Carrier paints “a vitriolic picture of current society” and has had a “remarkable impact on our contemporary literature”.

Commenting on winning the award, the writer said, “Unfortunately, without being a Spanish speaker, I have a great taste for Spanish-language literature.” He added, “Also, the greatest interest in my books is recorded in Spanish-speaking countries, and this makes me very happy. I feel a kind of affinity with Spanish readers.”

Emmanuel Carrier, 63, is considered one of the most prominent names in French literature today.


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