Kreidieh warns of internet outages, and hijackers justify the attack| battalions


Ogero Director General Imad Kreidieh warned this morning that “the increase in the hours of electrical rationing is putting pressure on the power generation groups of the (Ogero), as well as the increase in demand for fuel, which has also become scarce,” which led to a state of confusion on the communication sites. social.

This morning, the tweet of Ogero Director General Imad Kreidieh caused great confusion on social media, warning that “the high hours of electrical rationing put pressure on Ogero’s power generation groups, as well as the increase in demand for fuels, which have also become scarce.” .
He sounded the alarm that the continuation of the situation as it is threatening the continuation of “Ogero” services, and concluded his tweet with “Oh God, I have informed”, adding the account of the Minister of Communications, Talal Hawat, in the tweet. It is true that the electricity problem is exacerbating and affecting all sectors, but the main problem in Ogero, it seems, is its insufficient budget, which Hawat confirmed to Al-Nahar, justifying his tweet by saying, “Between time and another, Kreidieh draws attention to two main problems. The first is related to diesel, and he is right in that. If the diesel is cut off, the internet will be cut off. The other problem is related to the budget allocated to Ogero.

For his part, Kreidieh told An-Nahar that “the authority’s generators are not intended to replace the electricity supply hours, as a 60 or 100 kVA generator cannot withstand 20 hours of uninterrupted coverage. The authority can rely on its generators for a period ranging from 5 to 8 hours on its own, but not 20.”

The oil facilities supply Ogero with the diesel needed to generate power, according to Kreidieh, who pointed out that “the delivered quantity ranges between 60,000 and 70,000 liters per day, and this quantity represents three times what we used to consume before the increase in rationing, and this is evidence that Lebanon’s electricity cuts are severe.” Very much in some (Ogero) centers.”
Kreidieh’s words are a clear indication of the availability of mazut in Ogero tanks. The crisis now is not due to the interruption of the material or its scarcity, because the authority receives from the oil facilities what is sufficient to produce energy, and what compensates for the increase in rationing hours. , The generators cannot sustain continuous production hours, it requires maintenance and the presence of more than one generator in the “central” to divide the production hours by them.

This rationing causes generator malfunctions, and the maintenance process requires the presence of sufficient maintenance parts to do so and a reasonable time for completion, and this is not available. For example, the old Akkar Central, two days ago, went out of coverage for a period of 6 hours, until the generators were maintained and another generator was brought in to bring the central back to work. The internet service is now dependent in most areas on electricity from Ogero generators, and it is not prepared for that.”

Kreidieh explained that “the large exchanges that distribute the internet have several generators, so the authority can turn off one of them and depend on the other to continue providing internet service, as long as diesel is available. But today, I am not talking about a comprehensive and general interruption of the internet in the Lebanese territories, and the danger is in Some of the exchanges stopped in the regions.”

He stressed that “the increase in rationing hours is a result of the low production capacity in the Electricité du Liban, whether in the delay in unloading the ships, or the scarcity of diesel and the irregular delivery of diesel. Electricity of Lebanon, we will be facing a more tense situation than what we are talking about today. Electricity is the basis of everything, and my warning cry, it is not permissible not to supply energy to productive and sensitive sectors such as telecommunications and the Internet.”

What about my cell phone company?
Hawat clarified that the problem of diesel also applies to the two companies, as there is a fear that the internet service they provide to their customers will be interrupted if the fuel oil is not secured,” he continued: “So far, there is fuel oil…but the fear is if it is not secured!” As for Kreidieh, he stressed that all lands Lebanese companies and companies, including “Alfa” and “Touch”, are included in the services of “Ogero”.
Hawat pointed out that “Ogero’s budget is insufficient, especially in light of the high exchange rate, and therefore how will you secure the funds for maintenance and purchase of equipment?” He revealed that Kreidieh requested an increase in the budget of the “Commission”, but only about 48 billion Syrian pounds was approved, which is not enough, and I registered my objection to it, as did Kreidieh. He asked: “If the government does not provide sufficient funds for maintenance, how will (Ogero) continue its work? ?”.

An-Nahar learned from the EDL’s circles that no party had contacted the corporation about finding a mechanism to secure energy for Ogero, and stressed that “the situation will be difficult because the (Ogero) centers are distributed over all Lebanese territories, and it is not possible to double the production capacity of electricity in every Regions”. The circles indicated that the problem of electricity is still the same, as it does not produce more than 720 megawatts, and the problem of (Ogero) suffers from all sectors, including water institutions.


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