Kinda Alloush’s message to Amr Youssef on International Father’s Day | news


Actress Kinda Alloush sent a congratulatory message to her husband, artist Amr Youssef, on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Kinda Alloush, through her Instagram account, posted a picture of her husband, Amr Youssef, with her daughter, Hayat, and wrote: “Every year, you are the most delicious, the most nutritious and the most loving father.”

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She added: “My love, every year you are in her back, her father, her support, and her owner… May God protect you for us, Abu Hayat.”

It is noteworthy that a number of artists were keen to celebrate Father’s Day, corresponding to June 21 each year, whether by publishing their pictures with their fathers, or by publishing pictures of their children and celebrating their fatherhood.

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