Kinda Alloush calls on Dalal Abdel Aziz: “Oh, Lord, you will return to her home safe and sound.”


11:56 PM

Sunday 06 June 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Actress Kinda Alloush was keen to pray for the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, to return to her home safe and sound.

Kinda wrote, through her account on Twitter: “Pray for her at all times, in every prayer and from everywhere, may God heal her and reassure the heart of her family and loved ones.”

She added: “Oh, Lord, return her home safe and sound, Lord, healer, healer, take pity on her condition and heal her .. Dalal Abdel Aziz.”

The artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, revealed the latest developments in the health of her mother, the able artist Dalal Abdel Aziz.

Donia wrote, through her account on “Instagram”: “By God, your great supplication is the one who makes us patient and allows us to stand on our feet to help my mother… She is still in intensive care and she does not know anything about my door, her condition is still not allowing us to tell her such news.”

And she concluded: “Thank you very much, may God keep you soft, have mercy on my door, and give us patience in his separation, and heal my mother, O Lord.”

Kinda Alloush


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