Khaled Alish made his first comment after his illness and his discharge from the hospital


Actor and broadcaster worriedKhaled Alish​His fans lost his health after his brother Tariq Alish announced that he was suffering from a health problem, after which he was admitted to the hospital.
In his first comment, Alish reassured his fans through his official page on a social networking site, thanking everyone who asked about him and explained the details of his undergoing surgery and wrote: “Thanks to all the people who called me and are trying to reach me and reassure me.. Praise be to God, I am fine, and it is a small surgery. I promised, and I was discharged, praise be to God, from the hospital, and for two days after that I was at home, and I stayed better, God willing.”
An indication that Khaled Alaish is an Egyptian broadcaster and actor, born in 1986 in Cairo Governorate in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood, then moved to the Imbaba neighborhood and spent a long time there. He joined the Faculty of Engineering, Communications Department, and graduated in 2010.
His first appearance on the small screen was in the series “Lamba Show”, and Khaled Alish later participated in a number of the most famous series, including “An idea for a million pounds, and we ate it with a bowl, Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shahat, the best father.” The Peacock” that was shown in the previous Ramadan race


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