Karkdoush participates in monitoring the matches of the Asian Cup qualifiers


(MENAFN – Akhbar Al Khaleej) Commissioned by the Asian Basketball Confederation, the international technical observer Fadel Ghouloum Karkdoush left for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan To participate in observing the matches of the third window of the 2021 Asian Basketball Cup qualifiers, which will be hosted by Jordan From 12 to 14 June, the remaining matches for the fifth and sixth groups will be held there.

Group F includes teams: Iran, Syria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, while Group F includes teams: Jordan, Palestine and Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka. The choice of Gloom for this task comes due to the great experience that he enjoys, as he has previously observed many From the external Slavic rivalries, and before that it was a well-known Slavic rule.

This assignment comes as an extension of the many successes of Al-Salawi at the present time in various technical and administrative fields, both at the level of The national teams, administrators, technicians or individuals, and all of this comes within the framework of the interest of the current board of directors of the federation The Bahraini Basketball Association has all its members in Bahrain, which was reflected in the external results achieved and the positions Which the Bahraini people reached in the basketball game.



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