Jumana Murad: The criticism made me cry, as I cried the day my daughter was buried!


Syrian actress Jumana Murad could not hold back her tears in front of the cameras, in an interview with “The Insider in Arabic” program, in which the criticism of her was addressed after she posted a picture of her on “Instagram” with her friend, Syrian actress Suzan Najm al-Din in her first appearance after the death of her daughter. The little girl months ago.

After controlling herself for a few seconds, Murad said that the bullying campaign that she was subjected to made her cry, just as she cried on the day her daughter was buried, noting that she felt great pain because people “have laughed at me,” as she put it.

In response to a question about whether the attack happened because of her appearance in red clothes, she said that it is in their customs and traditions that they do not wear black on a child and do not hold a funeral for him, and indicated that it was painful to accept condolences for her daughter on the same day of her birthday.

She sent a message through the program to all critics, asking them not to offend and think of any word before saying it or writing it because they do not know how it will affect the target person.

At the end of the meeting, she wished that none of her critics would go through what she went through and not experience the pain she had experienced. She thanked everyone who defended her and “plumped her” in the past period.


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