Joumana Murad’s video comments on the criticism of her funny pictures after the death of her daughter: “Life continues, and I must be strong.”


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  Fri, June 11, 2021 - 01:08    </span>

Jumana Murad, the Syrian artist, has become the talk of the public after she recently published her picture with her friend, artist Suzan Najm al-Din, through her account on Instagram, 3 months after the death of her daughter Diana.

Despite the happiness of Jumana Murad’s followers after she published her photos with her friend, as she overcame her sorrows after the death of her daughter, some criticized her cheerful appearance and considered that she was no longer affected by the death of her daughter, who left only 3 months ago.

Jumana Murad responds to criticism of her photos with Suzan Najmuddin

Jumana Murad was keen to respond to these criticisms through a video interview with the “ET in Arabic” program, where she confirmed that there are many people who know that colored clothes are not evidence of overcoming sorrows, pointing out that life will continue, especially as she is the mother of two other children, in addition to the presence of her husband and family in her life.

Jumana Murad added: “Certainly, in a world with much understanding and knowing that sadness is not in clothes and life continues, and I am the mother of two sons and my husband, and I certainly have great responsibilities and I must stay healthy and I must be strong so that I can continue with my children, my husband, my family and the people who love me .. And thank God for everything.” .

Suzan Najm Al-Din describes the condition of Joumana Murad after the negative comments

The artist Suzan Najm Al-Din also commented on the criticism that her friend faced because of her pictures with her, where she explained that after reading many negative comments, she cried, which made Suzanne try to calm her down and assure her that the owners of negative comments, many of them are keen to show their personal contracts to others.

Jumana Murad had ended her mourning for her daughter, and decided to return to her normal life, and published some of her photos with her friend, artist Suzan Najm Al-Din, after their most recent meeting, while they were in a restaurant, and praised their friendship and good relationship, and commented on the pictures by saying: “Good friends Lovers are a blessing from God, thank you, my dear Susan, for your kindness, love, containment, determination, words, and a good Friday.

Jumana Murad overcomes her sorrows after the death of her daughter Diana

For her part, Suzan Najm Al-Din republished these photos through her account and commented: “You are the sweetest sister and friend in the world, both Jogo Nortoni and you honored me and this sweet family who love so much, may God protect you and never deprive us of this sweet moment, my love.”

Jumana Murad had cried the audience last March with the death of her daughter and published the child’s photo through her accounts on social networking sites and commented: “Praise be to God in any case… God has not given and God has not taken and we belong to God and to Him we shall return .. I moved to God’s mercy today. Our daughter, Diana Rabie Bseisu, God willing, you will be our intercessor in the hereafter and in heaven, soul of the heart of your mother and father.. Your separation is difficult and painful, but you are surely in a much better place.. Lord, inspire us patience and solace and give us a coldness to our hearts. There is no objection to your judgment, Lord, and thank God in every case, and you A bird of paradise, my mother.


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