Joseph Attieh, Rodge, and Al-Hilween are the third


Presentation of the Lebanese artistJoseph Attieh​A new song alongside DJ Rodge entitled “Helween”. The song is written by Ahmed Al-Malki and composed by Muhammad Yehia, music and arrangement by Rodge.
Joseph Attieh filmed the song as a video clip with director Bassam Al-Turk, and put it on his YouTube channel.
The beginning of the song says:Girls of Hawa, enough misery..You baffle our hearts and know every little thing increases sweetness..Who will block you with this, no matter what day our eyes came out..our hearts are sweet and satisfied, but I hope you rest on us..How is that, you are all so sweet..Good people.. what is more beautiful than you? Who is God, treat you with the best, and even though you are crazy, crazy, but you really taste a tender pill and this naughty laugh that moves millions..“..


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