Joseph Attieh and Rodge release their Egyptian song “Helween” in a positive way


After they excited their audience while filming in the new SLS Hotel in Dubai, which is currently attracting celebrities from around the world due to the beauty of its engineering and the quality of its services, Joseph Attieh and Rodge release their awaited clip, which was filmed by director Bassam Al-Turk inside the hotel, where they were the first artists to be filmed there, and that Two weeks after it opened.

The song is in the Egyptian dialect, and is entitled “Helween”, and this collaboration was coordinated after Attia and Rodge succeeded in their latest releases, which spread hope and joy in the hearts of the masses in Lebanon and abroad.It is noteworthy that Joseph’s hit song “Natibi” topped the list of songs for four months in a row, and after that, the romantic “Ya’ad Aleky”… Rodge also released the most important national songs that contributed to the revival of the region and the atmosphere of nightlife in it, such as “I miss you, Beirut” in cooperation with Carol Saqr, and “Her Name is Beirut” with Cheb Khaled. This cooperation between Joseph and Rodge has spread positivity and optimism for a better tomorrow, especially after the difficult circumstances that Lebanon and the Arab countries have been through due to the Corona pandemic and the security situation…


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